Janet – Overly Consumed (Lost Episode)

Woah-ho, boy was I glad I found this one! J-Reg here again guys. I spent the better part of 2 days last week restoring some partial files on the ol’ hard drive and was able to completely restore one of the earliest episodes we ever filmed. This was literally like the 4th or 5th Trike Patrol ride ever taken back in 2005, (ignore that the pre-roll says “Episode 14”) and it was one of the first to go off the site several years ago after a server crash. (damn that cheap-ass server in a Hong Kong basement!) This brown-skinned girls name was Janet, and she worked at what I’ll call the “Filthy Pheasant” bar back then. I can still remember that much about her. Funny how time flies though.

We were still trying to feel out what we were doing each time we rode out on the trike, and everything was clearly awkward and weird. Our Trike driver didn’t know what to do, and we weren’t sure what to say to the girls when we approached them. We got shot down more times than not and I’m kicking myself now for not keeping some of those “shoot downs”. They would’ve made great “behind the scenes” or “bloopers” type of material for us to laugh at now. I honestly never imagined I’d be sitting here this many years later still talking about this nonsense. It was all just a whim back then. Never looked beyond the patrol we were doin’ that moment.

So on this patrol, we told our driver to cruise around one of the residential areas across Eisenhower Highway, and got kinda lost back there at first, with people coming out of their houses and peering out their windows wondering just what the fuck we were doin’. Our driver had on some kind of “Barangay Captain” hat which claimed would protect us from anyone fukkin’ with us about anything. I was like, ok, that’s great. So we sputtered around a few more corners til I spot this tight-looking, tan-skinned girl in pink pants walking along and I motion for the driver to stop beside her.

Janet on Trike Patrol - Sexy Filipina babe gets ride then rides cock

So we approach and say Hi, and she’s definitely caught off guard and nervous and you can tell by the look on her face. Her name is Janet and her English ain’t the best, so the awkward dialogue doesn’t really matter anyway. There wasn’t much in the way of a plot with this one, and once we let it be known what we were really lookin’ for, we pretty much got right down to business when we got back to the little short time hotel we rented for a few hours. Janet got naked and boy did she have the body built for speed! Got right to it w/ the blow job and I was more than hard and ready to go. You see, as this was only the 2nd or 3rd time I was doing the stickman duties, there was still concern about “stage fright” and getting a hard-on in front of your buddy holding the camera right in front of you. It was all still new and weird for us both, but by the Janet episode, I think I was good to go like Dirk Diggler. (ok, not that big)

Janet sure knew how to blow a guys dick; undoubtedly from working the bars and being quite popular as I would learn later. Then she got ontop to ride and damn what a tight little Pinay pussy she had. That is one thing I certainly remember well. She was fantastic feeling up there while riding. And she really got into it hard with all her bouncing and moaning. This was a girl that really enjoyed sex, and that’s always much better—both on and off camera. I fucked the shit out of her doggy-style and then finished up in missionary blasting her face. The face load thing became my normal routine pretty quickly. I know it’s nothing original but it’s something I never did until my scenes with Trike Patrol. I mean, I never blasted a girls face with cum just in normal sex situations off camera before that. So I was living out my teenager porno fantasies with all of this, and damn it was fun. It was a real explorative process for me all along I think. I did things I’d never done and had only seen in the movies previously. Crossing things off my bucket-list if you will.

So all in all it was a decent wrap for one of our first scenes with little to no experience behind us. Janet was actually a sweet girl who ended up hanging out with me the rest of that afternoon back at my hotel room. We ate, swam in the pool, watched TV and literally fucked like wild forrest rabbits 3 more times before I sent her home so I could re-join the boys for that nights bar-hop. Man, three more nuts AFTER the Trike Patrol scene load disposal around 2pm earlier. What I wouldn’t do to still perform like that. Of course it helped she was a lusty, sex-addict herself too. She really really loved to fuck and the sessions in the hotel off-camera were even BETTER than the one on camera. You’ll just have to believe me on that one.

Funny thing, later on that night while I was out barhopping w/ the guys, figuring she was content to go home for the night after the 4 fucks and nice tip for it all, who do I see down on the strip outside the Filthy Pheasant bar? You guessed it, Janet! Haha, she was back in the bar for more ladies drinks and a barfine. Unreal energy she had. So she talked us into the bar for a drink and the guys I was with were happy enough to go in, as the line-up in there was always good back then and plenty wild for our tastes. She got her LD out of me, and we reminisced about the day we’d had together, before she gulped down her drink and was on to her next mark.

Later than night, I saw her out with a customer and she giggled as our groups passed each other in the neon haze of the wild nightlife area. Made me kinda wonder, how many times had she fucked before we picked her up that afternoon!? Certifiable nymphet I tell ya.



Juvy – Cock-Slobbering Queen (Lost Episode)

Hello guys, J-Reg here.  I was asked to come back and do the write-up for this classic Trike Patrol episode featuring this nasty little freak named Juvy who we so endearingly adorned the “Cock-Slobbering Queen” title on.  First of all, you would not even be seeing this old episode back on here if not for the fact that the new guys have been receiving numerous emails from many of you urging them to be re-posted.  I got the call about this a few weeks ago, and despite enjoying my semi-retired life in a sunny, island locale, I was so enthused about it that I dusted off the ol’ writing shoes to contribute to the site once again.

First, I had to dig up the one-thought-lost files on an old hard drive and then upload ‘em to the guys here for re-editing and posting.  Which let me tell you, was a complete pain the buttocks due to how crappy the internet speeds and service is around here.   Island time and all that.   There are about a dozen in all, so you should be seeing a few more of these in the coming weeks.

As for why I picked Juvy first, no particular reason, just the first one I happened to watch.   Truth be told, I don’t watch too much porn anymore living here, and spend even less time sitting on the computer.  When you have a beach with girls in thong bikinis all day just a few yards away….it’s hard to stay inside much.

Back to the episode at hand:  Juvy was an interesting—albeit less than stunning—-girl we landed that night.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Ahh, the good ol’ days.   Hammer and I went out on a night patrol, armed with our new “night vision” cam which we stupidly thought was cutting-edge technology back then, haha.   So we speed up Fields Ave and onto Perimeter, doing our normal cruise thing, til we hang a left into one of the neighborhoods and roll around the dark back-streets.   We see this chick standing under a tree waiting for a trike or something—–so we do what we always did and rolled up to talk to her.

Even in the dark, I could tell right away she wasn’t the prettiest, but true to our form, we don’t give much of a fuck and snag her up anyway.   She had a fucked-up grill going on, which made her speech sound handi-capped, ontop of not speaking any English to save her life.  See, back then, the vid quality, camera work and quality of the girls was honestly complete shit all around—–but god damn if we didn’t have a blast doing it.   Just a coupla of retards w/ a video camera and a trike.  That’s all we were.   Nothing was rehearsed or planned or practiced.  We had no experience in “porn” or film-making or the “adult industry”.  What you see is what you got.  That was how we did it.

So we get this girl back to the hotel, and have her tell us a little about herself as per the routine by then.   She was one of those Pinays who always hung around KTV joints in Manila therefore was used to Koreans and Japs more than Westerners.   She claimed to never had an American dick before, but her mouth was moving and she’s Filipina so that equals lying every time.    Get her to undress and it’s clear she’s had a kid or two (or five), which honestly never bothered me as much as it does some guys.  Some of your perverted fucks out there are insistent about that shit.  You go all “Ewwww, she’s had a kid” and act like you wouldn’t touch her with your dick if she wanted you to.   I never got that.  But then again, I’m a horny sick-minded soul who will literally almost fuck any female Human Being with a natural-born pussy.

But for real, I have to chuckle about the “I-wont-fuck-chicks-who’ve-had-kids” mentality.    Yeah, I understand you didn’t fly 10,000 miles to screw just anything, but come on, “back home” most of us would be lucky to bang a 20 or 24 yr old, kids or no kids.    Anyway, enough on that.  I’m getting off topic.

So Juvy gets naked, she’s got an OK body.  Decent-sized tits, even though floppy. (I happen to enjoy floppy tits just fine thank you)   Her speech pattern was very much like a Korean, how they speak.  I was living in Korea at the time, so I picked up on it right away.  The inflection and tone with how she spoke, even in English was very Korean-like.  So yeah, definitely hung around Koreans a bunch.  Even said her baby was half-Korean.  Not a surprise.

So then I get naked and jump in the scene.  Start her off by thrusting my cock forward near her face.  I really wasn’t expecting much from this girl to be honest.  Thought it would be a mediocre servicing, but boy was I wrong once she got going.    The blow job started off kinda slow and weak, but then I laid on my back and coached her a little bit, and the real nastiness starting peeking through.

She started going deeper and deeper and started getting sloppier and sloppier.  Ohhhh, I was in heaven.  Being a blow-job connoisseur, I was highly impressed and pleasured by her skills improving right before my very eyes.   I think she already knew what to do, just wasn’t sure what I liked yet since it was of course our first time together.   Once she saw how I liked it, she let it all hang out so to speak.   Drooling, slobbering, spitting, stroking, gagging——ohhhhhhh yesss!  I could tell that this was the beginning of a beautiful one-hour relationship.

I didn’t even need to fuck her pussy, but for posterity’s sake and for the sake of the fans here on the site, I saddled up for a gut-crushing sequence which wasn’t bad.   She certainly didn’t have the snuggest pussy on earth—quite loosey goosey in fact for such a small-framed girl, but I guess that’s what happens to some of them after they shit out something the size of a watermelon through there.  Still, it was plenty wet and warm, which is all this kid really needs to stay hard and pumping.  After umpteen years of flogging my own cock w/ a dry hand as an adolescent, and not even sniffing a pussy ‘til I was 18, I find ANY pussy to be worth something—-even the rug-rat stretched ones like Juvy’s here.

So after beatin’ that up in a few different positions, I got back to her real goods, which were the slimly, snug vocal chords deep down her throat.  Man, this girl could choke down a cock!   I just sat back and enjoyed it for another ten minutes or so.   Even standing up for a bit to do some face-fucking.   Finally, just sitting on the edge of the bed and letting her finish me off with violent, sloppy head-thrusts and rhythmic, wet hand maneuverings until I saw spaceships blasting off and heard bells ringing in my head like it was fucking Linda Lovelace down there.  Probably still to this day one of the most intense loads I’ve ever blown.   I didn’t stop shaking for around 30 minutes afterwards I think.

So there ya have it guys, one of our Trike Patrol legacy episodes that was thought to be lost a while ago in server crashes.   If you enjoyed this trip down TP memory road like I did, the good news is there’s around 11 more where that came from.  The bad news is that ol’ J-Reg is living the slow life on an undisclosed tropical island somewhere and not sure when he’ll get around to uploading the next one.   Maybe I’ll decide that based on what kind of response you guys give to this one.  Remember, these re-posts of lost episodes will only be visible in the members section.  You won’t see them posted to the free side of the site.  Gotta go for now, the sun is starting to set and it’s about Margarita time down on the sand.


Juicy Lucy – Spinner Alert!

Ok guys, I haven’t even watched this episode yet it’s so fresh. This one was done by Hammer and Bill last week without me even knowing about it. Not sure why they are calling her “Juicy” Lucy, but she looks pretty damn hot from where I’m sitting. They told me she is one of the more popular girls in town at present, so this is a nice catch for Trike Patrol. Just judging by the mischievous look in her eyes and tight, firm bod, I’m guessing B.Hammer wasn’t exaggerating when he told me she was a great fuck. I’m gonna go download this one right now.
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