Cameraman’s Corner: Kazumi the Japanese courtesan

At this point in Trike Patrol’s existence, we had developed a network of friends who spread news of the need for new models around to their friends. And their friends told their friends and so on and so forth. So now we had girls coming out of the woodwork from all over who wanted to do the job. Kazumi was one of those girls. She was VERY young, 18 years old (don’t worry, we got her papers) and boasted one of the tightest little bodies on Trike Patrol to date. She was one of those girls who hung out in Manila in the Japanese/Korean karaoke haunts. She was very well-versed in entertaining Japanese and Korean tourists, but not so experienced when it came to dealing with Americans. And as you could see with her poor English, it showed.
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The pick-up scene alone was difficult. I was riding in the trike with her and trying desperately to get her to talk. But she was so damn shy and her English was so bad, I did most of the talking for her myself. I would ask her a question, and end up providing an answer for her so she could just nod. Yes, lame, I know. Obviously her real name is not Kazumi. Part of the process is deciding what the girls stage name will be in the video. Usually we just pick some generic random name, but sometimes we let the girl choose if they have something in mind. I decided on Kazumi just because her hair reminded me of a famous porn star named Katsumi (who oddly enough just changed her name to Katsuni ) and also because she was so Japanese looking.
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Once we got to the action, things picked up, and it wasn’t long before we knew that we had found something she was good at. I felt her breasts after she got undressed (one of the perks of the cameraman job, hehe) and I was so amazed how damn FIRM they were. They were like two grapefruits protruding out from her chest cavity, and all natural at that. Just to die for. And her little round ass was just as nice. This girl had quite a body to behold. Sometimes features like that aren’t easily transferable when you see them in the videos. Just take my word on that.
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She sucked Hammer’s cock very well. Slobbering on it a little bit and not being afraid to let the goop drip out of her mouth. I hate it when girls are shy about that and either swallow it or wipe it away. She took the dick pretty well and wasn’t shy about letting it be known audibly. Not one of those quiet, timid girls. A true “little brown fucking machine” in every sense of the title. Although her English sucked pretty bad, she was cool and easy-going, so we kept her around that night for some barhopping on Fields Ave. She stayed in Bruce’s room and he brought a barfine home with them making for a threesome which I heard about the next day. We actually brought her along with us to Subic the next day for a one-night trip and we stayed in the new (at the time) Kokomoz Subic Beach Resort . That night, Hammer ended up taking a girl from one of the clubs in Barrio Barretto, so as luck would have it, Kazumi came to my room to…uhh….sleep. Again, one of the perks of the job. She was one of the hotter girls ever corralled on Trike Patrol; at least in my opinion anyway. I’ve been told my tastes differ from the mainstream, but that’s just fine for me.
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Cameraman’s Corner: Was Renz high on something?

This was a question we got a lot from the fans. “Was Renz high on something?” Well, I was the one who filmed it and although her behavior was bizarre to say the least, I didn’t notice her taking any kind of substance or pills or anything. Granted, she could’ve taken something before she came to us, or slipped something in while in the bathroom, but I never saw it. You have to realize, while you only get to see a 15 or 25 minute encounter with these girls, we spend half a day with them on average. Sometimes we even keep them around overnight and go barhopping if we like ‘em enough.
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By the time we filmed Renz , Trike Patrol had already started to become pretty notorious in Angeles. The local foreigners and tourists spread news of it to the girls and from there, the “bamboo telegraph” just exploded exponentially. We would be riding down the street in our trike, and random people walking by would see us and yell out “Trike Patrol, Trike Patrol!” So, as you can imagine, we had to change our tactics a little bit. We went from filming during the mid-afternoon hours in broad daylight, to filming our pick-up scenes under the cover of darkness. The Renz episode was actually the very first night-time pick-up scene we ever did. The camera had a “night-vision” feature which illuminated the screen in a green color and actually looked kinda cool. When we picked up Renz on the street is when she started acting really trippy and weird. Maybe she popped something while waiting for us to swoop her up in the trike, I’ll never know for sure. Either way, she was as batty as they come, that’s for sure.
A little Trike Patrol trivia for you here: Who was the 2nd girl in the Renz episode? She appeared in the dark during the pick-up scene and she said “Hello? What hello?” in an equally trippy-sounding manner. Here’s a clue: She was another popular Trike Patrol girl from a previous episode. If you’ve been a member long enough (or watched enough bootlegged episodes) you might be able to figure it out. The first person to email the correct answer to me at will get a free month’s subscription to Trike Patrol. (or a free additional month if you’re currently a member)
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