Cameraman’s Corner: Katerina The Spinner

This was another one of our first Manila episodes. Katerina was a slim, shy girl with a narrow face, but still cute and pretty. She was very, very slender; definitely classifying her as what you would call a “spinner”. (meaning you could spin her around on top of you like how a pizza chef spins pizza dough) She came to us through one of the other models, I can’t remember who right now; it might have been Jennifer. Anyway, it was another “word of mouth” walk-on. She told us she was from Baguio and just “hanging around” in Manila. When they say that it usually means they’ve come to the city to make extra cash pulling tricks out of places like LA Café in Ermita or conscripting themselves to one of the go-go bars in Makati’s P. Burgos Street or Edsa’s Entertainment Complex. I don’t think we ever got the full story from Katerina, but we didn’t really care either.
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She was awfully damn shy. She was another one of those girls that I felt like I was pulling teeth just to get some dialogue going. For that reason, and due to us being fishes out of water in the busy streets of Manila, we decided to forgo the “trike” scene and just film her walking in the street with us back to the hotel. I know, I know—–our site is named “Trike Patrol” so it’s kinda lame not having the trike scene in each episode, but sometimes it’s just not practical. Katerina’s episode was just one of those times. Despite her weak English and shyness, she did have a nice big smile and cute sparkly eyes. Once she got a bit more comfortable with us, she loosened up and the dialogue flowed a little better.
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This was really Hammer’s type of girl as he loves the “spinner” types. It was a forgone conclusion that he would be the one stuffing her today. No arguments from me since I like a little more meat on the bones. (especially the ass-bone) The next thing we did was have her get in the shower and soap up. Bruce helped in a manner in which I would describe as one of the creepiest-dirty-old-perverted-man scenes ever perpetrated by Trike Patrol, haha. It was really like…..ewww. I felt like a perv just filming it to be honest. The way he assisted her in rubbing the soap all over her petite, nubile body and ass, it was just “icky”. Now mind you, none of what we do is scripted or thoroughly discussed beforehand, so maybe he just felt like it was the natural thing to do at the time, I don’t know. The sex itself was fairly good, although we did have to stop once or twice and let Bruce lube up the ol’ hammer. He was getting some friction on poor Katerina which looked a tad painful. Once the lube was applied though, things went along swimmingly. All things considered, Katerina was a decent enough Trike Patrol girl who ranked somewhere in the middle all time.
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Cameraman’s Corner: Gerelyn’s Hammer experience

Gerelyn was referred to us from a fan of the site. He put her on touch with us via internet and we scheduled her for a filming. We were able to see her pics beforehand, so knew she was of an acceptable Trike Patrol caliber. (not that our standards are that high) So she shows up to the room and she looks even better in person; and much taller than I had expected. She was something like 5’5” or 5’6”, which to me, is really tall for a Filipina girl since I’m an elfish 5’7”. For that reason alone, we decided that Bruce would be the one to have the pleasure and I would just film again. Whenever I’m screwing a girl who’s taller than 5’4”, I feel like I’m “climbing” her just trying to get into the different positions. But as you can see, she was a considerably hot chick and I was still a little jealous the Bruce got to do the deed with her.
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Gerelyn was a local girl, and very business-like. Once the filming was over, she took her money and went back home. I presumed she might have been “on support” from a foreigner, but not sure. She worked in a club or two in AC previously, but I honestly don’t remember which. The scene went pretty well, although at certain points, it sounded like she was having trouble with Hammer’s girth and it might have been causing some pain instead of ecstasy. At one point, however, while she was on top of him and grinding on his dick vigorously, she gave off the impression that she actually came. It was pretty convincing to me, and I was standing only a few feet away. Gerelyn was one of the better episodes we’ve done I think, and she was popular enough that we brought her back for an encore a few months later. But that’s another blog entry…
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