Roann – Or was it Jennalyn?

This was one of the earlier episodes on Trike Patrol, and it was the first one in which we used a different set of guys. I must say, compared to later experiments, Tony and Bill were not a bad substitute for myself and Hammer. Bill worked the camera pretty well and Tony had a decent-sized dick and knew how to use it. Both were experienced world-traveling whoremongers, so that helped a lot. I’m pretty sure either I or Bruce picked out Roann for the shoot. At the time, she was a door-girl at Dirty Duck bar down on Fields Ave. It wasn’t hard really. Simply asking, “Hey, you wanna make some extra money?” Then she’ll ask, “Sure, what do I have to do?” And I’ll go, “Just suck and fuck a guy on camera.” Pretty much what she does every night of the week anyway (and for a lot less money I might add). So yeah, it’s no stretch getting an experienced bargirl to agree to an amateur porn shoot.
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And experienced she certainly was. Born & raised in AC, Roann was 25 years old, had been working in the bars for years already and had the tattoos and scars to prove it. That being said, she was still cute and looked very nice on cam. Unlike some of the other girls, she was completely comfortable and “at-ease” with foreigners and the camera. For her, it was like “no big deal” to be doing this. Her English was decent too; all of that was a testament to her experience in the bars. For some reason, Bill called her “Jennalyn” in the video at some points, but our editor labeled her episode “Roann ”. Don’t ask me why. That was just one of those strange Trike Patrol quirks. (there are many, haha)
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The pick-up scene went natural enough. Get this: Roann actually DID have a dental appointment that day, in which she agreed for the guys to pick her up from in the trike upon completion. Her cock-sucking was a bit methodical, but I guess it gets that way when you suck 50 cocks a week for a living. Next, Tony gave her some oral gratification in return——not something I’d suggest doing with a bargirl——-but hey, it was for the fans. Then Tony put his “soup-can for a dick” into her small frame and she moaned quite convincingly throughout. Her body wasn’t the best ever seen on Trike Patrol, but not too bad for a 25 year old with a few kids. One of the funnier, albeit strange, moments in the episode, was right when Tony was about to blow his load, Bill chimes in with “time to deliver the groceries!” Hahaha, where the fuck did that come from? Anyway, not a bad episode in the books.
~ Roan’s Return! 4 Years Later! ~
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Chantel – Booooooorrrrrrrriiiinnnnnng

Let me preface this one by saying it might possibly be the worst Trike Patrol episode ever. Tommy and John were the ones there, so I don’t know exactly what happened. All I’m going off of is the video itself. Chantel was simply another “walk-on” Trike Patrol applicant, and I guess we were desperate for an episode that day because she wouldn’t have made the cut on other days. Every once in a while, Trike Patrol will open up it’s arms and go Ellis Island style: “Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor…” Chantel was definitely one of those instances.
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I find it hard to point out anything positive about her, other than the mere fact that she certainly is a totally genuine amateur Filipina indeed. You will definitely not find her featured on ANY other porn site, haha. She claimed to have been working for one of the webcam cyber-sex sites, though I’m not sure which. Tommy and John did the best they could with her, which as you can see wasn’t much. To her credit, she was a good sport for the most part, and she did get into the doggy-style a little bit. Look, I don’t like these “filler” type episodes any more than you do. You see, I’m not only the Trike Patrol
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