Cameraman’s Corner – Kaye

We had fun doing this episode. Kaye was one of Bruce’s many “chat-mates” from the endless hours he spends online when not in the trike. I have no idea how he meets some of these girls, but whatever. He had only been chatting with Kaye for about 3 weeks before talking her into trying a scene for Trike Patrol . She made the trek up from Manila to meet us, and when she got there, I immediately saw that she was the typical “Hammer-style” of girl. I mean, she had the looks and body that he always goes for. Small, young and cute.
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The on-cam interview process was funny. It cracked me up watching her try to answer some of the most basic questions. You could almost hear the gears grinding in her head as she tried to find an answer. I think her weak English had a lot to do with it. Clearly due to not being around foreigners much (if at all). We got to talking about body parts and coached her into saying “I love cock.” She got it right a few times, but then she kept saying it wrong and I just let it go. She would say “I love cocker”. Haha, I guess she was more comfortable saying it that way, I don’t know, but it sounded damn funny. Kaye went on to say she was 19 years old and had only been with one guy in her lifetime a few years ago.
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Once the dick came out, Kaye showed us that she definitely had seen one before. She wasn’t as shy as I had expected her to be at first sight. Not a blow job expert by a long shot, but she had surely put a dick in her mouth once or twice. As her slender, young nubile body suggested, she had a sweet, tight looking little snatch that Hammer enjoyed penetrating. And, unlike some smaller girls, she didn’t seem to “fight” or shy away from getting plowed rather forcefully by a larger dick. I hate when girls do that. Me and Hammer call ‘em “fighters”. You know, the ones that are too fragile or their pussies are too small that they don’t let you go full-throttle turbo on them. Those are no fun at all. Kaye didn’t appear to be one of those because her smooth lookin’ pussy withstood a decent pounding from ol’ Bruce before he plastered her chest with man-goo.
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Cameraman’s Corner – Jana & Julia

This was one of our rare multi-girl episodes. The reason we didn’t like doing more of these is simple: money. We had to pay double the price to get just one video. Nevertheless, we still arranged a few of these scenes to provide some variety on the site. Jana and Julia came to us from Manila. These were LA Café “hang-out” girls, plain and simple. They were your classic pair of “freelancers”; girls who would travel and live together while trying to pull as many tricks as they could along the way. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them for what they do. They’re down-to-earth, fun-loving girls who are just trying to survive and have a good time while doing it. These two were literally girls you or anyone else could run into on vacation there. Their on-screen personalities were not acting jobs. That is who they really were. Totally authentic.
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I would say Julia had the more interesting personality of the two. Although she was strange and kooky looking, possessing this sort of bug-eyed look, like she didn’t have enough sleep and was wired on caffeine or energy drinks. The over-dyed “orange” colored hair didn’t help any either. Jana was a tad better looking, and I was under the impression that she could be really pretty if she wanted to. A hard and fast lifestyle of alcohol, all-night partying and inordinate amounts of sex with strangers can take its toll. She was only about 21 years old or something. Neither one of them would win any beauty contests anytime soon, but they were real, honest-to-god freelancers who fit perfectly into the Trike Patrol theme.
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The pick-up scene was funny. We didn’t have a trike today and it was starting to rain that afternoon with some flashes of intermittent lighting off in the distance. So we decided just to walk around the block with umbrella’s and make it appear that we just walked up on them and started talking. (not an unrealistic scenario if you’ve ever been there) None of this is scripted beforehand; it’s all totally shot from the hip. And sometimes, it really really shows, haha. In this instance, I asked them if they could show us a place to get out of the rain. Which was kind of odd, because then it cuts to us with them back in OUR hotel room. Doesn’t make any sense, I know. Oh well, there goes my Director of the Year award I was gunning for.
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The interview and chit-chat with them was one of the better ones I think. Some guys aren’t into that part and just want to see the action, and we understand that. But others really like the “get-to-know-you” sequences and complain when we don’t do it enough. I think it’s interesting to hear the girls talk and tell about their lives a little bit before doing the deed.
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Once we got down to business the two of them looked after Bruce’s cock with some pretty good blow job action and ball-licking. I’d say they complimented each other quite nicely. While one sucked his dick, the other caressed his balls and so forth. The Hammer definitely had the best seat in the house that afternoon. He slammed the smaller-framed Julia first, and seemed to enjoy her pussy a lot. But once he got Jana in doggy-style, things heated up a lot and you could see her really liking it. She did have a nice tight little brown butt that I wish I could’ve taken a turn on myself. Bruce finished up the scene pumping Julia’s snatch, pulling out and trying to cover both their faces, but failed miserably. Got most of his Elmer’s glue-like sperm on Julia’s shoulder more than anywhere else. For real, it just sort of dribbled out. That’s what staying out partying ‘til 4am and screwing two other bargirls before coming to a shoot will do to ya. Subtract 10 points from Jana also for cum-dodging there at the end too.
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