Trivia question answered!

The question I posed was this: Who was the 2nd girl appearing in the night-time pick-up scene during the Renz episode? The hint was that she was a previous Trike Patrol girl. I stated in the post that I would give a free month’s subscription to the first person who emailed me the correct answer.
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Chris R. was the first one to respond to it with the correct answer, earning himself a free month’s subscription to Trike Patrol. The answer was Jennifer, and she appears outside the trike at about 05:04 into the Renz episode. This is something I’ll do more regularly if I can think of more trivia questions like this. Good job Chris R.
Screenshot of Jennifer in Renz Filipino sex video from Trike Patrol

Appearance Screenshot

Cameraman’s Corner – Maryann

Maryann was one of the earliest Trike Patrol episodes ever filmed. This was still at the point when we had no fucking clue what we were doing. (not that do much better now) But back at this time, we were really just goofing around with the video camera. The Trike Patrol website had not even been built yet. We didn’t have any system in place for finding models at this time, so it was simply a matter of Bruce and I asking the many girls that we had come to know over the years. After all, an hour or two of work is a small price to pay for earning enough to buy that new shiny cell phone you saw in the mall. Maryann was one of Bruce’s friends. She worked at some smaller bar down on Perimeter Road. Apparently, she and Bruce had a long history together, because when we came into the bar she rushed over to him right away and was all happy and gleeful.
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They did their little chit-chat, while I sat across the table and observed some of the other girls in the bar. Perimeter Road bars are funny; the girls are by and large not as hot at Fields Ave bargirls, but every once in a while you can find a diamond in the rough down there. I saw a few cuties in there that I wouldn’t have minded taking. So it wasn’t long before Bruce got her to agree, and after paying her barfine, we were on the way to the shoot location. We rented a short time hotel nearby to do the shoot in. It wasn’t the best lighting, but we figured it would suffice. We’re only amateurs anyway. After having her sign the model release, show us her ID, and explaining to her what we would be doing, we set out to do the pick-up scene.
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For this one, we decided to stage her in one of the little bargirl clothing shops right along Fields opposite The Ville. We planned to drive along, pull up in our trike, then dismount and walk into the clothing shop to “meet” her. I think this was the first “non-rolling” pick-up scene we ever did. I figured it was cool because it was something different. As you can see on the site, it later became a common thing for us to do. Quite honestly, the “rolling” trike pick-ups are difficult and risky to pull off, especially as word of Trike Patrol spread after the site launched. We got inside the store and she was in there pretending to look at t-back panties and whatnot. The girls behind the counter were giggling and surely wondering what the fuck we were doing. It was painfully awkward of course, and Bruce then injected something about “buying her some t-backs if she would come back to our hotel with us”. Smooth as sandpaper, I know.
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I gathered Bruce had known her for several years, so maybe she looked a lot better in the past. But as far as looks go, Maryann had definitely seen better days. She wasn’t that old, it’s just that I think she’d been turning tricks in a shit-hole Perimeter Road bar for far too long. I could see that she might have been fairly cute in her pre-bargirl youth. Her body was skinny, but not in great shape. That’s kind of the worst of both worlds, isn’t it. And her face and mannerisms sort of reminded me of a crack-whore. It wouldn’t have been a stretch to say that she could’ve been a current or prior “shabu-head”. (a type of drug that is common there)
Once the video got going, she did fine. Her blow job on the Hammer was worth mentioning. She forcefully shoved his bulge down her throat until she gagged. That was pretty cool. I like that. Her head and mouth were so tiny that it was a wonder she got it down as far as she did. A+ for effort in that regard. My only complaint is that she kept wiping the spit away with a towel; she just wouldn’t let it get sloppy enough for my liking. She kept making funny giggling noises too, along with going “mmmmm, mmmmm” as she sucked. It was odd, but whatever. She wasn’t able to take Bruce’s pounding as well as others had, but she was small and her pussy was probably tender from already serving about 15 bloated ex-pat dicks that week. Although a little bit “off”, Maryann was a good sport and finished her scene by taking a load square in the face without cum-dodging.
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Trike Patrol on the web

I guess Trike Patrol is getting pretty famous as the years go by. (In July the trike turns 3 5 years old!) I came across a few places on the ‘net featuring Trike Patrol recently.
One of them was on, an interesting video blog about porn sites which is hosted by some pretty cure chicks.  In each daily V-log, they tell you about 2 or 3 interesting porn sites from all different niches.

I know this is a bit dated, but on July 2nd, 2007 they did a spot about Trike Patrol. They  featured a variety of different hosts, but the blonde who did our particular piece was very hot thank you very much. However, she kept on saying “Thailand” this and “Thailand” that while she was talking about our site. I guess she didn’t watch the videos that closely. So much for our 15 minutes of semi-fame, heh.

[hdplay id=1 width=400 height=300 ]

The other one was a video clip on, basically the “YouTube” of porn. A great site when you need some quick hand relief but don’t have time to download porn on bit torrents sites.This particular clip was from our Sherylie and she is something of a local Angeles City celebrity. (even has her own site)
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