Eljane – Natural Wonders

As was beginning to be the norm by now, Eljane was brought to us by a girl who previously appeared on Trike Patrol. When word spread that there was an easy fist-full of pesos to be made, all kinds of girls starting coming from the wood work. Eljane was a rather popular girl at a rather popular new bar at the time. (Think Sarah Palin, Northern Exposure) The things that made her popular were her pretty face and good personality. What the fuck am I saying, it was her firm, rotund ass and bodacious pair of breasts. I think they quite possibly were the finest pair of susu’s I’ve ever seen in AC. I distinctly remember sitting in her bar, drinking a beer with the owner and watching her dance on stage. He commented to me that he also thought she had one of the best pair of hoots in the world. They were really spectacular. The shape, size and proportion; all were just great. And the fact that she sported a tight, full buttocks only added to her greatness. She was the “total package” as they say and was definitely in her “prime”, that’s for sure.
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For this episode, we employed the help of Marco at cameraman again along with our young friend Kyle to do the lucky deed with Eljane. We were happy to have Kyle because good, young male help is hard to find believe it or not. He was on his “cherry” trip to AC so you know he was enjoying the hell outta himself already. And being a younger fellow of only 23 years old in AC, he was getting even that much more attention from the girls. And what’s more, Kyle and Eljane had already become acquainted through our numerous visits to her bar on that trip. That would lend well to their on-screen chemistry and comfort later. Sometimes when total stranger girls are brought to us, they’re a little nervous and “stiff” at first. Kyle and Eljane’s previous meetings made the shoot go very smoothly. Well….not totally, but it wasn’t either of their faults.
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The shoot was planned for the mid-morning hours. The only problem with that was that there was a big pool party at Mo’s at 1pm that Eljane had to be at. A shoot normally only takes two hours or so to complete, so we figured it would be done in time. She showed up right about on time (surprisingly), and moved through the ID and model release process, then onto the pickup scene. No problems. Did the pick-up inside a dress store and it turned out fine. Got her to the room, did a little talking, then both of them got in the shower for some soapy-tit, dick-massaging footage. Very nice. Next, it was onto the fucking and sucking, to which Eljane was more than experienced enough in. Her pussy looked so sweet hugging around Kyle’s cock, and she did seem to genuinely enjoy the stuffing she got. Kyle did not disappoint in his actual performance. (I really wish we could have had him around on more patrols) The only problem was that he simply could not cum. Not sure if it was too much boozing and screwing the night before or what, but it just wasn’t happening and we were running out of time.
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Eljane had to be at that pool party; there was no way around it. So we decided that we’ll just pay her barfine for that night, and have her come back later to do the cum scene. Well, that was a good plan in theory. What we didn’t account for was the fat fucker at the pool party who ruined it. I was told he was a regular customer at her bar, but this fat bastard thought it would be amusing to buy her as many tequila shots as he possibly could. Personally, I think he knew that she had the hots for Kyle and was jealous of that. He probably noticed the two flirting with each other in and out of the water during the early course of the party. I swear, he bought her at least 12 or 15 tequila shots in a very short time frame. And all the while he was laughing and smiling like a pig in shit. Yes, of course I was worried she would get too drunk to complete the shoot, but I was also disgusted at the sheer joy he took in getting her violently drunk. It was not too long before she was crying and puking and then falling over into her puke. Nice job asshole, I hope you felt like a real big-shot.
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So needless to say, we weren’t going to be able to complete the scene today. I was bummed about that, but was confident we could arrange it the next day. After all, we only needed her for the cum-shot and that was it. We had plenty of good action on tape already. So Eljane showed up the next day, looking pretty rough I might add, and took a quick dose of chin-paste from our boy Kyle. Kudos to her for being such a good sport. And fat fucker from the pool party, if you’re reading this: Fuck you, you fat fucking sloth! Ok, I’m over it now. Just needed to get that off my chest, haha. Eljane rates as one of the hotter Trike Patrol babes on the rolls in my opinion, pity I heard she is off the market now. No worries though, as there’s only about 5,000 more where she came from.

Cameraman’s Corner – Celine

Celine came to us from a doogirl we knew who worked at Cambodia Club at the time. She wasn’t currently a bargirl, but had previously done stints in some Perimeter Road bars (Honey Ko’s?) and mentioned she might go back to the bar in the future. During our pre-pick-up drive in the trike, Bruce and I cruised up Fields ave from the direction of Blue Nile. It was a great time to do so, because the sun was just setting and a lot of girls were either heading to work or standing outside the clubs on doorgirl duty. We whizzed past a few familiar faces who shouted out to us, one being the group of girls in front of Treasure Island—-a regular haunt for Bruce and I over the years. We had staged Celine in the Jeepney park, although I not sure what it’s really called. There are always people walking around there waiting to get on one of the many departing Jeepneys. Of course in the video, we acted like we just happened to drive in there and there just happened to be a girl standing there alone in the most isolated corner of the lot, haha. We’ll never win any awards for acting or directing, we know that.
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So we took Celine back to the shoot location, which was once again a Perimeter Road short-time hotel. (you could hear the trikes whizzing by out the window). She was 22 years old, and currently on support from a British guy whom she undoubtedly met in the bar. She actually told us this off-camera and used the same story on-camera too which I thought was risky on her part. But hey, whatever. Her body was just ok and once she undressed you could see that she had a little bit of flab that she shouldn’t have had at age 22. Probably due to a few years of bargirl life eating fast food on the many dates she had been on, followed by a steady flow of Western Union money transfers from England which translated into plenty of rice for that belly. Her breasts did maintain a nice shape and firmness however, so that was one bright spot. Her face was so-so, I wouldn’t call it pretty but I wouldn’t call it ugly. When she smiled it could appear pleasant I’ll say that much. Her ass did look fairly nice, and I would have to say it was her best attribute.
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Once we got down to business, she used her tongue-ring on Bruce’s cock. I don’t know about you, but I never saw the point of those things. Not for oral sex on a male anyway. Of all the girls I have had who wore them giving me head, none of them were any better than those without. Maybe none of them knew how to use them properly, I dunno. Now I’ve heard they are nice for pussy-licking, but I don’t have one, so I wouldn’t know. Celine did this weird thing with her eyes as she was getting pumped. She would keep them half-open and roll them back into her head. It was kinda freaky to watch first hand. She did seem to get into the sex a little bit, maybe her story about not screwing in 2 months since her Brit was last in town was true? Naaaaaah!
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One interesting aside that you probably never wanted to know: Bruce had a really hard time cumming in this episode and it wasn’t because he partied too hard the night before. After all, we filmed this scene in the late afternoon. No, it was because he said he smelt an odor from Celine’s snatch that was a major turn-off for him. He said it wasn’t a horrible rotten odor; just that her pussy had a “different” smell and it gave him a hard time concentrating. I honestly don’t remember smelling anything, and I was only a foot or so away at times, but Bruce said it was so. We had to stop filming once or twice because the Hammer lost its edge and needed a break. When he was ready to restart, he would just have Celine suck it a bit more to get it hard again. No, we couldn’t afford to have “fluffers” like in the big-time USA porn industry, but it is something we might consider for the future. If you know any kick-ass cock-suckers in AC, please let us know. We might have a steady job for them. But due to editing, you would never know he had any problems like that, haha. Ahh, the beauty of editing.
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When he got it up the final time, after we thought we had enough fucking on tape, he went full-throttle in missionary until he finally blew his load. Celine opened wide and stuck out her tongue right on cue. And then just kept it open, haha. She didn’t wanna close it with all of the semen on the edge of her mouth. No, she was not a swallower. So once I turned off the cam, she was able to go wipe it away. Celine put in a good appearance for us, and I’m sure her boyfriend in England enjoyed it also.