Cameraman’s Corner – Rachel

I love watching these earlier episodes. Sure, the camera-work is poor, the video quality is grainy, but it takes me back to Trike Patrol’s roots. The first dozen episodes are what started it all. It was simply an idea that came up over a few beers one day…..and then turned in to so much more. The Rachel episode was the third episode we ever filmed if I remember correctly. It was also my first crack at cameraman, which is easy to believe when you watch it. Rachel was a nice girl who came up through the ranks of bargirl life. When she first came to town, she started out on Santos Street blowing dick for $10 bucks; and became quite popular there too. After a while, she graduated from Santos to Fields Ave and bounced around different bars all within a particular ownership group (think Beach Boys song). Bruce had come to know her rather well over the years, and he was the one who arranged the episode filming. It would be Bruce’s very first time performing, so he wanted a girl he was comfortable with. That is why this episode was titled: “Enter The Hammer”. I don’t know why or when we decided his nickname would be Hammer, it just sort of happened that way. (it’s really more of a hook anyway, isn’t it?)
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Rachel was one of those girls who is a timeless sweetheart. She has a soft, warm and cuddly personality, despite having sucked off more guys than the population of Norway. She never turned into a cold, jaded, calculating scammer like some veteran bargirls do. You have to give her credit for that. We got a pay-by-the-hour short time room at the “express” rate. Once we talked things over, we set out to do the pick-up scene. Feeling out how to accomplish the pick-up scenes was pretty awkward the first twenty times or so. There was no script or walk-through, we just went out and did it. For this one, we dropped her on a corner a few blocks away from Fields, then circled around some residential backstreets before swooping back by to pick her up. When we approached her with the cam she looked so damn nervous and scared, I almost wanted to stop and do it over. But we kept it rolling and made it work. This would set the tone for most of our pick-up scenes’ clunkiness. But then again, it’s only porn, so who really cares?
Rachel sucks cock and licks the shaftFilipina topless Rachel tasting pre-cum on stiff cock
Once back in the room, we started off with some pre-action dialogue. She was still nervous but did her best to articulate at little bit when asked questions. Of course her bargirl experience had given her a deep history in making small-talk with foreigners. One of the funnier moments was when she helped Bruce pull his boxer shorts down and exclaimed “The Hammer!” when his already semi-hard knob popped out. Like I said, I have no idea why we called him “The Hammer”, but it stuck like glue from then on. She gave a decent enough blow job, even letting it get slopped up a lil’. It was right at this point that Bruce uttered a phrase that would go on to become a classic on Trike Patrol: “So, do you think you can make The Hammer disappear?” I swear, he’s said that at least once in every episode he’s ever been in. She tried her best, but couldn’t quite get there. Another instance of comedy right then was when she trying for the deep-throat, she popped her head up because tears started forming in her eyes from her effort. Bruce then, in a genuinely caring and gentle voice says, “It’s alright, stuff like that happens.” Fucking hilarious, haha.
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When the sex started, Rachel was right at home bouncing up & down on Bruce’s cock. The rest of it was pretty generic I must say. There was nothing else worth mentioning really. I just look back on this episode as one of the formative ones in Trike Patrol’s lineage. Not spectacular, but necessary for us to shape our image and learn more about filming amateur porn. Honestly though, in the beginning it was more about us having fun and making laughs then about producing technically sound porn videos. That ideal would never waiver too much along the way, and the hardcore porn-aficionados would certainly criticize that in emails later on.
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Trike Patrol Trivia – Name the girls in the old banner

You will only get this one if you were a member of the site earlier than a year ago. This was the old site banner that has since been changed. There are six girls that appear in it, and if you can name all of them, from left to right, I will give you one free month’s subscription. As with the last trivia question, only the first person to email me at will win. I will post the winner here when it happens.
*Hint – Two of the girls’ episodes are no longer on the site. You either had to be a member for a long time, or you had to catch them on bit torrent sites or boot-legged DVDs. Don’t tell me if you did the latter two, that would disqualify you from winning, haha.
Old Trike Patrol Banner for Trivia Question
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