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So here goes Jully, our latest Trike Patrol update on April 17th, 2009. Bleh, this girl didn’t talk much at all. We should’ve seriously just cut the entire pre-fucking parts out it was that bad. Jully was literally plucked straight from a non-foreigner area in Manila. She was brought to us by one of Bruce’s girlfriends who lived down there. I honestly don’t think she had ever spoken to a foreigner until this very day. One thing you could say for sure about Jully; she was an all-natural, down-home Filipina. She came with her hair tied up, wearing no make-up and very casual attire. All of that being said, I personally found her to be quite pleasant and pretty; in an all-natural sort of way. Is it just me, or does she look really pretty when she smiles?
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Once we realized there wouldn’t be much talking, but decided to cut right to the action. Jully was much more comfortable with a dick in her hands than she was at speaking English. That was immediately evident. It wasn’t the best blow job I’ve ever had (that would be saying a lot), but you can tell that Jully had sucked plenty of Filipino dicks around her neighborhood in her lifetime. Sure as I write this however, I would wager to say that mine was the first bit of “white meat” she had ever gorged on. Something about that makes me proud in a small way. Hey, you gotta enjoy what you do in life, right? Funny, at one point while she’s sucking on me, Bruce blurts out in his ever-so-corny fashion, “This is your new boyfriend Jully.” Now she didn’t say anything (she did have mouthful of penis), but the look she gave was priceless. It was like, “Uh, no….I have about five Pinoy boyfriends back in Manila to fuck. You idiots don’t even know I’m the village princess.”
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Her pussy was remarkably nice; very tight and smooth as silk. Of course you fellas can’t “see” that on the video. You’ll just have to take my word for it, heh. She did have some flab around the mid-section, possibly from birthing a litter of kids or two, but not too bad. I also liked her round n’ brown ass, which had that “plumpness” to it that I admire so dearly. You can see it very well while she’s riding me. I always love grabbing and feeling it all over when they are up on top. We put in a good turn at doggy-style too, and Bruce caught the “from-behind” angle which showed off her naturally grown pussy hair quite nicely. I finished up with my usual “Ahh shit, holy shit, so good” bit as I blew my wad and Jully appeared none too surprised or disgusted by the globs of nuttage I left on her chin. I do believe she has had a few custard-shakes on the face in her day. Not a bad episode. You really can’t ask for a more “natural” girl than Jully was. Not an actress or professional by any stretch. Nope, just another amateur Filipina presented to the world by Trike Patrol.
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  1. I am an admirer of any exotic female..I love em all..Asian girls are more receptive I find & Filipino girls seem to be more passionate..I must admit I have yellow fever so I am enjoying it while it lasts! Just found out about Trike Patrol website will check it out I’m sure it will be fun!

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