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Juicy Lucy – Spinner Alert!

Ok guys, I haven’t even watched this episode yet it’s so fresh. This one was done by Hammer and Bill last week without me even knowing about it. Not sure why they are calling her “Juicy” Lucy, but she looks pretty damn hot from where I’m sitting. They told me she is one of the more popular girls in town at present, so this is a nice catch for Trike Patrol. Just judging by the mischievous look in her eyes and tight, firm bod, I’m guessing B.Hammer wasn’t exaggerating when he told me she was a great fuck. I’m gonna go download this one right now.
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Jessica – Cute Young girl with nice tits

Tommy and Mike cruised around a little bit before finding her along the side of the road waiting for a Jeeney or something. I wasn’t there, so I’m just describing this 2nd hand. So they get her back to the hotel (a pretty nice & new one I might add), and she gets a little comfortable and they talk her into getting undressed. Now, Mike named this episode “Tig Ol’ Bitties” suggesting that she had huge boobs. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, but I’m not sure if they qualify as “tig ol’ bitties”. But yeah, they were still nice. She was pretty young but she gave a surprisingly nice blow job I noticed. And Tommy definitely enjoyed the pussy too. Maybe a little too much because he came awfully damn fast, haha. And he got it in her hair too I might add. Anyway, all in all not a bad episode for young Tommy. He’s still learning though. Wish I could have a crack at Jessica, she did look pretty cute and delicious there.
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The pick-up
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Lovely – Ray’s first trike ride

This was one of those “filler” episodes. By that, I mean it was just one of those stock videos we did early onto gain more experience with it all. Lovely was definitely not the hottest girl, that’s for sure. We had known her for two or three years already, and trust me when I say her body was 10x better back then. I really don’t know why we chose to have her do an episode, other than that she was readily available to us.
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The episode did have some comical points to it for the fact that it was our friend Ray’s first time trying his hand as cameraman. In the episode, they pretend it’s his first time in the Philippines, but that’s not really true. He’s actually a long time AC veteran, but it was fun doing the “newbie” spoof for the video. In the hotel, while Bruce was showering, Ray gave Lovely a chocolate bar and some chips; two things she really didn’t need more of, haha. Her blow job would warrant a passing grade due to the fact that she did get it nice and wet, however the rest of the action left a lot to be desired.
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You can’t really expect much when the girl is about 15 pounds overweight. Last I heard, she got the weight back off and looks much better. You would be simply amazed by how different she looked when we first met her versus what she looked like in this video. Bargirl weight seems to fluctuate greatly over time. A fatty you notice on one trip, will be a slim, slender sex-pot on the next sometimes, and vice-versa.
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