Cameraman’s Corner: Davey in Manila

This was one of our first patrols in Manila. Filming in Manila was different than AC. There was a lot more traffic, more people around. It made things a bit more difficult as you can imagine. We wanted to get the most realistic looking pick-up scene, but without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Davey worked at one of the clubs on P.Burgos Street there in Makati, close to where we were staying. We arranged to meet her outside the club the next day for the shoot and she was right there waiting for us when we arrived 10 minutes late due to a late breakfast at the hotel. A night of drinking ‘til 5am will do that to ya. This was Hammer’s arrangement, so of course he would get to have the pleasure, while I would be stuck behind the cam again.
Now, because we were in new territory, we didn’t have our own Trike driver like we do in AC, so we had to improvise and do the scene “on-the-fly”. We found the nearest trike stand just a block or so off of P. Burgos street, and told the driver we just wanted to “go for a ride”. He was kind of puzzled but I guess he figured its money, so what the heck. We had him circle around the block while me and Hammer did our intro, then guided him to where Davey was waiting. We did the pick-up and it actually flowed pretty naturally, albeit awkward. I actually think the awkwardness lends toward the “reality” factor more than not.
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Once we got back to the hotel room, we cooled off for a minute or so, then began rolling tape on the opening scenes of the action. She acted a tad shy at first, but once she got undressed and got Hammer’s cock in her hands, she loosened up a bit. Her blow job was actually pretty darn good and you could see how she really did put in a good effort to go down as far as she could on Bruce’s gorging, upwardly-hooked member.
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The dick/pussy action was pretty hot once it got going. She really seemed to get lost in the scene, closing her eyes and craning her neck to one side and whatnot. She was pretty quiet during the sex, that was one of the downsides. I love girls who moan and scream and let you know they’re enjoying it as much as you are. Davey wasn’t one of those girls, but she still put in a decent performance. Where does it rank among Trike Patrol episodes all time? Not at the top, not at the bottom—–I’d say somewhere in the middle.
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Cameraman’s Corner: Shirley’s Encore

One of the sexiest girls ever to appear on Trike Patrol was a girl by the name of Shirley . She was with us on our “bangka boat patrol” when TP went on vacation away from the dusty, dirty crowded urban streets to a tropical sand and surf locale. On that episode, we pulled our boat to a remote beach where we saw four girls playing in the water. We gave them a ride on the boat back to near where they were staying and talked them into coming over to our resort to hang out. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, the camera came out and so did our dicks. Next thing we knew we were in the middle of a fuck-fest. One after the other, we stuffed all four of those babes something good! And one of them, Shirley , became almost an instant Trike Patrol favorite. We had numerous emails from the fans asking more about her and asking if we could get her to appear on the site again. Oh, I should take this chance to mention something: We are NOT a dating service and we will not give our personal contact info on any of our girls. So please don’t bother asking. Yeah, we know, it’s hard because they’re so hot and authentic, but we just don’t do that, ok?
But due to popular demand, we were able to track down Shirley and have her do an encore performance . This time ‘ol Hammer was able to enjoy her and you better believe enjoy her he did! Now I’ve had bucket-loads of pussies in my day, so it’s not that often that I get a boner just holding them camera, but this performance by Shirley left little Jimmy standing at full attention through my cargo shorts.
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Shirley taking care of business in her encore performance

Jessica – Cute Young girl with nice tits

Tommy and Mike cruised around a little bit before finding her along the side of the road waiting for a Jeeney or something. I wasn’t there, so I’m just describing this 2nd hand. So they get her back to the hotel (a pretty nice & new one I might add), and she gets a little comfortable and they talk her into getting undressed. Now, Mike named this episode “Tig Ol’ Bitties” suggesting that she had huge boobs. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, but I’m not sure if they qualify as “tig ol’ bitties”. But yeah, they were still nice. She was pretty young but she gave a surprisingly nice blow job I noticed. And Tommy definitely enjoyed the pussy too. Maybe a little too much because he came awfully damn fast, haha. And he got it in her hair too I might add. Anyway, all in all not a bad episode for young Tommy. He’s still learning though. Wish I could have a crack at Jessica, she did look pretty cute and delicious there.
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The pick-up
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