Lovely – Ray’s first trike ride

This was one of those “filler” episodes. By that, I mean it was just one of those stock videos we did early onto gain more experience with it all. Lovely was definitely not the hottest girl, that’s for sure. We had known her for two or three years already, and trust me when I say her body was 10x better back then. I really don’t know why we chose to have her do an episode, other than that she was readily available to us.
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The episode did have some comical points to it for the fact that it was our friend Ray’s first time trying his hand as cameraman. In the episode, they pretend it’s his first time in the Philippines, but that’s not really true. He’s actually a long time AC veteran, but it was fun doing the “newbie” spoof for the video. In the hotel, while Bruce was showering, Ray gave Lovely a chocolate bar and some chips; two things she really didn’t need more of, haha. Her blow job would warrant a passing grade due to the fact that she did get it nice and wet, however the rest of the action left a lot to be desired.
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You can’t really expect much when the girl is about 15 pounds overweight. Last I heard, she got the weight back off and looks much better. You would be simply amazed by how different she looked when we first met her versus what she looked like in this video. Bargirl weight seems to fluctuate greatly over time. A fatty you notice on one trip, will be a slim, slender sex-pot on the next sometimes, and vice-versa.
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Second trivia question answered!

Congratulations to Evan, who emailed in the correct answer to the 2nd Trike Patrol trivia question. “What are the names of the girls in the old Trike Patrol banner logo?”
Evan answered correctly by naming them from left to right:
– Renz
– Geralyn
– Charmaine
– Shieng
– Kazumi
– Katerina
And with that correct answer, Evan will receive 1 month free subscription to the site. Good job Evan, and thanks for following the site long enough to know the answer.
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Sheila – Very pretty girl

I was neither cameraman nor stunt cock for this episode, however I’m gonna write about it anyway. How we met Sheila is a funny story altogether. We were actually on the way to our friend’s wedding one day. It was way the fuck up in some Northern province that was gonna take us 4 or 5 hours to get to. We were going to spend two nights up there, so of course Bruce and I both wanted to bring along companions. I had originally planned to bring my then-girlfriend, but learned she was fucking some Filipino dude between my visits so I gave her the ol’ heave-ho. (with special emphasis on the “ho” part) As the trip was getting closer, I skimmed through my Yahoo messenger contacts and decided on a long time acquaintance whom I had bumped uglies with a few years prior after meeting in LA Café in Ermita one night. She was mature, down-to-earth and easy-going, so I figured she’d be a good choice to bring along on a trek such as this. You really don’t want to get stuck somewhere remote with an immature brat. Oh, and she was a good fuck too of course.
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Well ol’ Brucie-boy didn’t plan so well. It was the morning of departure and when we met in the hotel lobby, Bruce is like, “Shit man, I need to find a girl to bring.” I was like, “What the fuck dude, our van is already here, it’s time to go.” But he wasn’t about to leave without a piece of ass, so we literally then had our driver chauffeur us down Field’s Ave at 11:00am so Bruce could go bar to bar (of those that were open) and try to find him a traveling mate. In the first two bars, no success. There just aren’t many stunners working at that time of day, if any. So then we come upon the third bar, and after sitting on the couch for ten minutes or so, in walks this beautifully faced babe in street clothes coming on shift. I know the moment I saw her that was Bruce’s girl. I remember saying right away, “There she is man.” And sure enough, after just a little chit-chat, Bruce paid up and we were back outside and into the van, just like that. The girl he took was Sheila, who later performed in one of the earliest Trike Patrol episodes ever recorded. I think it was number four or five. Another friend of ours named Rick was the cameraman. He did ok, but zoomed in too much throughout most of it; which was a shame, because Sheila was absolutely one of the prettiest girls we’ve ever had.
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